Santiago de Compostela | 50Km by highway | 45 min by car


Beach of las catedrales | 120Km by highway| 60 min by car


Fragas del Eume | 42Km by highway | 40 min by car


A Coruña | 20Km by highway | 30 min by car


Betanzos |8Km by highway | 10 min by car


San Andrés de Teixido |90Km by highway | 80 min by car


Finisterre (Costa da Morte) |125Km by highway | 85 min by car


Santiago de Compostela

City declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco due to its beauty and state of preservation.

The final target of El Camino de Santiago. The meeting place of pilgrims from all over the world. The imposing cathedral and the marvellous encircling old city will be forever remembered.

One of the cultural and religious capitals of the western world. A mandatory visit.


Beach of las catedrales

Among the ten most beautiful beaches of the world.

If you wish to visit it you need two things:

  1. Go when it is low tide. To check the tides timetable visit… http://playa-catedrales.com/mareas/
  2. Make a previous reservation via the Internet https://ascatedrais.xunta.gal/monatr/inicio?lang=es


Fragas del Eume

Fragas do Eume is one of the best preserved Atlantic forests in Europe.

A magic forest full of centenary trees, fountains, waterfalls, elves and the wonderful Monastery of Caaveiro with astonishing views


A Coruña

A beautiful city surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, kind and elegant, with all the services and shopping of a great city.

An essential is the visit to the Torre de Hercules, the most ancient roman lighthouse in the world and the only one that is still in service. Declared a World Heritage Site in 2009.

Interesting facts about the Tower of Hercules



A picturesque town with a historical centre declared of Historical and Artistic Merit in 1970. It contains two national monuments in the churches of  Santa Maria del Azogue and San Francisco

In Betanzos the traditional omelette (Trotilla in spanish) is almost a religion and several local establishments have won the title of best Tortilla in Spain.

Link to the brochure of tourism in Betanzos in Spanish and in English


San Andrés de Teixido

“…vai de morto o que non foi de vivo” or “visited in death by those who didn’t visit in life

So says our tradition and, at least once in a lifetime, the Galicians feel obliged to go on pilgrimage to this tiny chapel on top of the highest cliffs in Continental Europe, under penalty of having to return once dead, whether as lost souls or as reptiles

An iconic spot of the magical place that is Galicia in a setting of overwhelming beauty.


  • Km. by car

    125 Km by highway

  • GPS

    42°52’56.9″N    9°16’20.0″W

Finisterre (Costa da Morte)

The end of the worldCape Fisterra hides the real secret of the la Costa da Morte: Wild scenery and awesome beaches. A place where a lot of pilgrims burn their clothes because this is where the land finishes.

Only here can you contemplate the sunset over the immensity of the ocean. The sea at the end of the world.